This is a list of people who have voiced characters in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy.

Lynsey Frost Edit

as Susan Ashworth

Brittany Williams Edit

as Mitzi Hunt

Klemens Koehring Edit

as Xavier Zellman and Eric Ashworth

Emily Wilden Edit

as Liz

Jesse Stewart Edit

as Ann Burton

David Firth Edit

as Pest Control Man and Gladys, his wife

Jesse Gunn Edit

as Joe Davis

Margaret Cowen Edit

as the Queen of Maggots

== Alex Sinclair as an unnamed doctor and the Old Man.

Dave Seaman Edit

as Jesse

Bryarly Bishop Edit

as Pauline

Pete Bucknall Edit

as Bryan

Jodyanne Richardson Edit

as The Dog Lady

Marianne Miller Edit

as Clerical Nurse

Mark Lovegrove Edit

as Police Phone Operator

Remigiusz Michalski Edit

as Crow and a deceased Ivy in The Cat Lady along with Fat Sophie and The Voice of Madness

Dave Masterson Edit

as Hangman

Rob McManus Edit

as Lover

Miranda Evans Edit

as Rita Tickle

Simon Loveridge Edit

as Security Guy

Noran Kojan Edit

as Tied-Up Girl

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